A history of Classic Blend Chorus

In 1964 a group of ladies in the Hamilton area decided to join the fledgling and more inclusive Harmony, Incorporated and became the “Hamilton Chapter”.  A few years later to show their gleefulness for their singing craft they changed the name to “The Gay Tempos”.  With an International Championship under their belt, and the changing times, the name changed to the Tempo Tones.  A new dedication to their craft brought on yet another name change to the present Classic Blend.

Our membership numbers have been as many as 80, and as few as 18, but average at present 25 to 30 ladies.  

Striving ever for excellence, the chorus has competed on the Area and International stages winning singing and community involvements awards.  

First and foremost is to entertain, which we continually do in Hamilton and nearby cities at nursing homes, retirement homes, special dinners, and festive occasions.  We have a talented group of ladies who often put on shows to sold out performances, including the Boris Brott Summer Music Festival.

Classic Blend has pledged our continued efforts to educate and entertain. 

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